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Over 400 residents turn up to FF public meeting on Bus Connects proposals – O’Brien

Local Fianna Fáil TD, Darragh O’Brien has said that the large number of people who turned out for his public meeting last night on the proposed Bus Connects changes to Malahide services is proof that there is considerable concern in the local community.

Deputy O’Brien was commenting after over 400 local residents packed into the Seabury Parish Centre to raise their concerns about the proposals to buses servicing Seabury and wider Malahide area. The meeting was co-hosted with local Malahide Councillor, Eoghan O’Brien. “It’s clear from the large number of people who attended the meeting that many local residents have legitimate concerns about how the proposals will affect their local bus services. “The fact that over 400 attended on a warm evening in the middle of summer tells its own story. The community values its current bus services, and there is a concern that the proposed changes will lead to a reduction in both frequency and connectivity.

“This is the first in a series of public information meetings that I, and local Fianna Fáil councillors, will be hosting throughout Dublin Fingal. “We need to ensure that there is full public consultation on the proposals, and that local people have the opportunity to raise their concerns about their bus services. “I am aware that Bus Connects has proposed a number of public consultation meetings for the month of August. I think this is very short-sighted. WE need the maximum number of residents taking part in the process to ensure that as many opinions are taken into account. “Based on the feedback from last night’s public meeting, and in addition to feedback from future meetings, I, and the local Fianna Fáil organisation, will be compiling all the responses and making a detailed submission. It will be available on my website once it has been submitted,” concluded O’Brien.

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