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Over 55s Walking Football Returns

The second block of the walking football programme has recently finished with 10-12 participants playing over the four week period.

Walking Football aims to get men and women aged over 55 playing football, staying active and meeting new people. Some may have played the game before and want to get involved again whereas others may have never played but would like to try it out. The game is played on a smaller pitch, at a slower pace and as the name suggests, players can only walk during the game. No running allowed!

The next block of the programme will start on Tuesday 12th March at a new time in a new venue.

  • Venue: Castlelands Community Centre, Balbriggan

  • Time: 5:00 - 6:00 PM

  • Start Date: Tuesday 12th March

It's FREE for men and women over 55 to play so if you feel like you want to give it a shot just turn up next Tuesday and join in.

If you have any questiosn or would like more info you can contact Ciaran at or (087) 961 7530.

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