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Pattons on Dublin Street & Eircode

Firstly thanks to Harry McKenna’s daughter, Sinead, for supplying all the names in the Sea Scouts photo. Secondly, and this will only interest a few but I think its worth getting out there. Your Eircode (post code) can now be entered directly into Google Maps, I think means people will make more use of the Eircode now, especially those living out of town. This has only happened very recently and going to make life a lot easier for some people, myself included. Enough of that, todays photo is a real gem, Pattons store where The Millrace Pub is now and before that was John D’s. This is a very early photo, looks like Feb/march as in one of the notices it says something about St. Patricks Day and the year is probably the 1940’s. Our Joe might be able to supply us with more information on this. We hope you enjoy this photo, we’ve also zoomed in on a section of the photo to be able to read the notices. Enjoy, more tomorrow.

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