Petition "Objection to development on Balbriggan Beach coastline"

***Update Aug 10th****

Morning All , Tomorrow is the last day to submit your objections to the proposed build at Balbriggan beach coastline. What started out for me as location being the main issue has now evolved to so many others thanks to the Bath Road residents calling a meeting and opening it out to others in the community. We have now learned there has been no Traffic lmpact assessment, no mobility management plan and most importantly no construction management plan carried out on the site this is where the point about the bridge comes in because they've no plan to get heavy plant equipment down to the site or no plan to store it, if they store on the old playground then they'll need to lift heavy goods and oversized equipment over the rail . There has been no consultation with CIE any building near the line has an impact on the rail and its commuters should anything happen and a consultation must be done. The applicants have not consulted an engineer on this process at all, it's all architect based. This alone needs to be highlighted to the council. There will be a huge amount of traffic once built but not from the residents but from employees, residents families, deliveries etc. The sheer size of the building is going to skew the view of the coastline, not only that but the build itself is not in keeping with its historical back drop, Bremore Castle being one of them. Health and safety and welfare of local residents and visitors and contrary to it being an environmental amenity. All in all this build is not only inconsiderate of the townsfolk, particularly with lack of investigation as we've heard there are other historical factors on that land since but also to the residents of the nursing home itself with trains night and day 7 days a week. The restaurant is also planned for the centre of the complex not with the people of this town in mind so I ask you if your at all interested to object to this with a view that some consultation with us happens prior to any sign off for anything there. I'm putting in links again we have 24 hours to get our submissions in and again if you can't financially sign the petition have your say as have included as a group submission into Fingal Coco alongside my own objection, last count 170+, lets make it 1000 when they review it again Thursday share,share,share

Lyndsey Trainer

***Aug 7th***

Time is running out folks, have your say today ....

Another well turned out meeting last Friday to document all concerns by the residents of Balbriggan re the proposed development at the attaching a copy of some of the reasons that can be used in a submission.

Submissions can be made up to Thursday, 11th August, either on line or to the office in

Swords. Submissions cost 20 eur..they can be made either individually or by a few people together if you like to split the 20 eur charge.

Some reasons to object but please feel free to add your own :-

..Impact on an area of tourism, beach as a tourist amenity would be greatly impacted. ..Inadequate parking for staff, visitors etc ..Risk of a bridge strike would be increased significantly with all the passing traffic, with potential knock on to Dublin Belfast line

..Just one main access in and out to the development is under the railway bridge Im sure there are plenty more...

Closing dates 11th August online but 9th August if you want someone to drop into Fingal CoCo offices in Swords on your behalf.

Can I urge as many as possible to put in a submission... do this for our town! Thank you!

If you are not in a position financially object please sign the below petition , have your say now before it's too late.

Click Below Link for Petition.....

Objection to development on Balbriggan Beach coastline

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