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Planning permission is again being sought to develop on Seabanks of Balbriggan

Hello-Residents of Balbriggan- Where do I start.......planning permission is again being sought to develop on Seabanks of Balbriggan Main Beach (Ref :F17A/0295)

Details of the application are as follows :

1) Permission for a four storey (part 2 storey/part 3 storey and part 4 storey)

The sheer size of the building is going to skew the view of the coastline, not only that but the build itself is not in keeping with its historical back drop, Bremore Castle being one of them. Not forgetting that the sunlight falls directly at that area ultimately blocking the rays from the beach causing cooler temps earlier on the main beach itself.

2) 90 bedroom residential care home/nursing home with associated ancillary/common facilities and office/administration areas.

Health and safety and welfare of proposed residents of the nursing home is I'll considered with trains night and day 7 days a week not to mention the fact that the area will need to be secured contrary to it being an environmental amenity.

3) 23 no. surface level car parking spaces, set down area and 16 no. bicycle parking spaces (8 no. surface spaces and 8 no. secure covered spaces),

Parking in this area is inadequate for the amount of turnover in/out by staff and visitors to the facility. This is still an open question and remains to be seen but previous planning permission for the car park lands across the road where Football fields and all weather pitches main entry were refused probably in hesitation for this proposed build. Pay-parking probably to be put in place I presume for what once was a local free amenity- the beach.

4) a new vehicular access at Baths Road to the north and 2 no. pedestrian entrances to Baths Road ; 1 no. ESB substation/kiosk; bin storage area; provision of ancillary amenity space.

There will be a huge amount of traffic once built but not from the residents but from employees, residents families, deliveries etc.There has been no Traffic lmpact assessment, no mobility management plan and most importantly no construction management plan carried out on the site this is where the point about the bridge comes in because there is no plan to get heavy plant equipment down to the site or no plan to store it, if they store on the old playground then they'll need to lift heavy goods and oversized equipment over the rail.There has been no consultation with CIE any building near the line has an impact on the rail and its commuters of which there are many should anything happen.

5) landscaping, including landscaping at the existing chimney of the former Sea Mills Hosiery Factory (Protected Structure RPS Ref. 0019).

The proposed building is not in keeping with the historical back-drop blocking the view from Bremore Castle and also overshadowing the Martello Tower and community pitches and environmental impact of this aesthetically and otherwise convenes with the original development plan of that this would be designated check it out-

6) boundary treatment; and all associated site and engineering works to facilitate the development.

There is no consideration that there was an open sewerage system underground that the hosiery used nor any real plan that instils any confidence that this build is little more than a a 4 storey eye-sore. With absolutely no conversation or credible amendments from original plan I for one feel really sorry for those that will live here as I really don't believe that this is being built for anything other than greed.

I feel like most exhausted with the decisions being made for the town,there are so many great projects and people that if there was any hope that this would again be rejected we could come together and make this area a functional spot to suit all demographics of the town.

Deadline for submissions is 28th June at the very latest Email: €20 per submission regardless of numbers on one application.

Please share or if not please consider both arguments for and against. Something does need to be done in this area but not at this height and not in this area.

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