Proposed Development of a Skatepark in Balbriggan

In the summer of 2014 'Balbriggan Community Council Sports & Recreation Committee' was formed and

top of their list is to get a skatepark for Balbriggan. Working with the three local councilors they met several times with Fingal County Council and it now looks like their dream may come true. An ideal site has been selected, beside the new pumping Station at the back of the church carpark. It's away from residential areas but within walking distance for most.

They need your support!

Fingal County Counil has put the proposed site on Public Display and submissions can be made up to the

end of January. Fingal County Council needs to see that the skatepark has public support, without that support we won’t get the skatepark!

Please make a submission, this can be done digitally – see the link below. You need to register first – (see top right when you open the link) – but it will only take five minutes to complete everything. DON’T WAIT, PLEASE TAKE FIVE MINUTES NOW TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT.

Click her to make a submission on Blbriggan Skatepark.

Alternatively the committee have drafted a letter that people can sign and date and add their address to. They will deliver the signed letters to Fingal County Council. You can get the letter at Game Stop, Unit 10, Millfield Shopping Centre, Balbriggan.

Thank you for your support

Suggested text for submissions

Dear Senior Executive Officer,

I am writing to you to show my support for the proposed development of a Skatepark at Mill Pond Park. This facility is greatly needed by the youth of our town and will help in improving well- needed youth facilities in Balbriggan.

I believe it will reduce the amount of anti-social behaviour in the town, as has been demonstrated in other towns where similar facilities have been provided. I also believe that it will create an outlet for children who find it difficult to engage in main stream sports and provide for the large numbers of Skateboarders, BMXers and Skaters that have nowhere to enjoy their sport besides the unsuitable and dangerous locations they are currently using.

The proposed location at the top of the Mill Pond park, adjacent to the new Pumping station on Dublin Street, is ideal as it does not encroach on any residential areas, it is protected from the rest of the park by a line of trees, blends in to the pumping station and provides for passive supervision due to the public thoroughfares that run in close proximity to the site.

I am in full support of the development of a Skatepark and would like to ask Fingal County Council to include it as a matter of urgency for Balbriggan.

Yours sincerely