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Rekindle the Light - Balbriggan Lighthouse Dome being replaced.

With the Dome being replaced on Balbriggan Lighthouse this week I took time to have a look through the archives for stories and photo about our beloved Balbriggan Lighthouse.

We would love to put toghether a gallery of photos of Balbriggan Lighthouse, if you have one you would like included please email to

I found this wonderful poem from 2005 that may have kick started the campaign to replace the dome on Balbriggan Lighthouse, It by Roger Turner (Does anybody know him?)

Rekindle the Light By Roger Turner.

Balbriggan Lighthouse, without the dome,

Is like having a house that isn't a home.

Like the old town clock with only one hand,

Or our wonderful beach, without any sand.

To us who have reached that certain age,

When they stole our dome, it sent us in a rage.

Whatever were the old town fathers about,

For they let the dome go without a shout?

Let's start a campaign to have it restored,

For if we are together, we can't be ignored,

We should rekindle the light, starting today,

And rebuild the dome, without any delay.

Painting by Paul Henry circa 1930. The original was commissioned by W.W Chapman of Smyth & Co., The painting was sold at auction following the liquidation of Smyth & Company.

Our Tony's 2005 photoshopped impression of how Balbriggan Lighthouse would look with the dome replaced

A gallery and report here from last year on the beginning of the dome replacement project.

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