Residents call to develop amenity

A petition launched on Tuesday 15th January attracted over 100 supporters in the first day online and more have been signing since. It is calling for the council to acquire the vacant lands next to Flemington Community Centre to be developed as a community amenity.

Garrett Mullan (Social Democrats Local Representative) launched the petition and said: '3,000 houses have been built in this area but this land has been left idle and it does not look good. It is time the council corrected the mistake and developed this land to be an amenity for locals'

The site is large enough to accommodate a minipitch or multi use games area and if such a facility was developed it would add a focal point to both Castlemill Shopping Centre and Flemington Community Centre. There are other uses it could be designed for but the land is a space in the middle of a high density area, which includes many estates with no green space.

Mullan added: 'I live in the area and it is frustrating to see wasted space especially when there is huge demand for facilities. I am pleased that so many people have signed to support and hope those numbers will grow. I understand the council has the land under review. This follows a meeting I facilitated between the current owners of the land and Fingal County Council. If there is significant demand from the community for such a facility, I believe we can influence the council in a positive direction, so I hope more will sign, support and share'.

Pictured are two images, one showing the site as it is and the other is the minipitch as Seabury in Malahide, which indicates how it could look.