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23rd May 2018 Brendan Ryan, Labour Party TD for Dublin Fingal, has called for a crack down on the Balbriggan Market.

Ryan “This week I raised the issue of Balbriggan market at the quarterly Fingal Joint Policing Committee meeting. Last year we saw a devastating Prime Time Report in relation to the selling of stolen goods, in particular tools, at the Balbriggan Market. The Gardai have an uphill struggle to cope with the level of criminality and selling of stolen goods at the market. We need to cut off any avenue for the selling of stolen goods. It is part of a cycle in which the victims, ordinary workers, continue to be hammered. To rob someone of the tools of their trade, of their ability to earn a living, is one of the lowest things someone can do” Ryan “I am calling on the Gardai to close this market. I would be happy to work with Fingal County Council to promote a new market, closer to the town centre which would focus on honest sellers and buyers and would help add to the town centre economy.” 

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