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Sack of Balbriggan featured in compelling new RTE documentary - ‘The Irish Revolution’

Fascinating details and insight into the night of Monday 21 September 1920 when the Black and Tans sacked the town of Balbriggan. Episode 2 of this new 3 part series features footage and photographs from the horrendous events. Shown Sunday 10th and available for a limited time on RTE Player. The final episode airs Sunday 17 Feb.

The story of Ireland’s pursuit of independence retold for a new generation. The Irish Revolution is a three-part documentary on RTE 1. It covers events of those tumultuous years between 1912 and 1923.

The first part tells the story of how a group of young revolutionaries who came of age in the first two decades of the 20th century changed Irish and British history forever.

The second and third episodes are about the War of Independence and its bitter aftermath. The series uses archive footage, contemporary interviews and a lot of drone footage.

The documentary series uses animated graphics based on the bestselling Atlas of the Irish Revolution.

See RTE Player

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