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Save Cafe Naul

Naul Community Council started this petition

Please support or petition to save The Cafe in Naul Village in north County Dublin. For the past 22 years we have had a Cafe at the Seamus Ennis centre in Naul. It is going to close on September 18th. When it initially opened it was a community venture the structure changed and it ran by a commercial operator for 13 years and they did a fantastic job combining community and commercial needs. Post pandemic they had to close. Another operator took it on and has opened for 9 months and is now closing. we as a community understand the commercial pressures being experienced by all businesses in the everchanging environment. However the Cafe is more than a business to the community it is the vital link that keeps the community connected. we are one of the smallest villages in Fingal. This for many is an essestial services and we are asking Fingal County Council who are the owner of the Premises and the landlord to chnge the structure back to a community based one. We fear that if this is not done the Cafe may never re open. multiple experienced operators cannot make this work on a commercial basis despite one of them having 13 years experience in the location then no other commercial operator will taken it on in the current format. The only way forward is community. Please support our community in helping Fingal County Council make this change. If you have ever visited the Ennis centre and enjoyed that experience please help keep it open for other to enjoy the community needs you support sign like and share 

Thank You .

Philip Gaffney Chairperson Naul Community Council & Tidy

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