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Brendan Ryan, Labour TD for Dublin Fingal, has criticised the school transport system which has again left some students behind as the new school term begins.

Ryan “Every year we have the same problem with school transport. The deadlines are too early and parents who lack certainty on school places for their children can be left without adequate transport for their children. This is especially acute for children which special needs who sometimes cannot be educated in their local school and require a relatively long drive from their home to a special school. This hits parents in north county Dublin very hard and I am dealing with a number who have no transport solutions and the school term has already started. This is a problem which needs to be resolved and I am calling on Minister Halligan to put in place a plan to ensure every parent has certainty in relation to their transport options by the middle of August, well in advance of the school term starting. I will be raising this through parliamentary questions and I look forward to a positive engagement with the Minister”

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