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Seán Corrigan takes on New Full-Time Balbriggan Chamber Of Commerce CEO Role

Balbriggan Chamber - Vision 2020

Shaping Balbriggan for Business, a ground-breaking new policy document from Balbriggan Chamber of Commerce, was recently launched by Luke Moriarty, Chamber President.

Setting out its vision for the development of the town in the next five years, the strategy document envisages Balbriggan as a sought-after location in which to live, work, and do business, and outlines key objectives the Chamber will pursue in order to enhance the town’s appeal for residents, visitors, business, and investors.

A key element underpinning the Chamber’s vision for Balbriggan is the appointment of a full-time Chief Executive Officer, to develop and drive the business organisation's plans.

Seán Corrigan, a former Manager of the Bank of Ireland in Balbriggan, was today confirmed as the new CEO of Balbriggan Chamber of Commerce, with the announcement strongly welcomed by Chamber President and local businessman, Luke Moriarty. The appointment was made following a public recruitment campaign which attracted a substantial number of applicants.

“Seán Corrigan brings to this role a wealth of local knowledge, and business and community development experience. The appointment of a full-time executive has long been considered central to the Chamber’s work in developing our town, and realising its potential for everyone”, Luke Moriarty said.

A Graduate of Dublin City University and the Irish Management Institute, Seán Corrigan has been actively involved in the Balbriggan business and social community for over 20 years. He was instrumental in establishing Balbriggan’s successful Fumbally Exchange co-working hub in 2012, as well as, most recently, the Balbriggan Men's Shed in 2015.

Balbriggan Chamber of Commerce has the potential to drive growth and prosperity for everyone, and to improve quality of life in Balbriggan, Seán Corrigan commented on the new policy document, adding that it was an honour and a privilege to be asked to work on the strategic plan.

“The key areas of economic development, tourism, planning, and infrastructure, as well as education, sports and recreation are earmarked as drivers of Balbriggan’s future prosperity and development.

Working together, and in conjunction with the State bodies, we can change Balbriggan for the better, and I am delighted to take on this steering role, alongside my colleagues within Balbriggan Chamber”, Mr Corrigan said.

Luke Moriarty outlined key achievements of Balbriggan Chamber that will be built on in the coming five year plan. These included regular liaison with the local authority and the IDA, and marketing the town’s new Creative Quarter, as well as the area’s infrastructure, connectivity, and land availability, with a view to attracting inward investment.

There will be continued support from the business community for the excellent local educational establishments, as well as ongoing development of sports and recreation facilities for young and old.

Actively promoting and developing the area’s tourism potential, e.g. Bremore Castle, Ardgillan Demesne, and ensuring local planning and development is in keeping with the town’s social and commercial needs are also a focus, according to the new Chamber President, Luke Moriarty.

Mr. Moriarty said that the strength of the Chamber is in its ability to lobby locally and nationally, with a unified voice, and that the time is now right to push forward with co-ordinated plans.

“Coming out of recession, there is a renewed vigour to work towards the Chamber’s vision of Balbriggan 2020, as a town full of opportunity and diversity, where citizens and businesses thrive, and visitors are welcomed”, the President of Balbriggan Chamber of Commerce concluded.

Luke Moriarty, Chamber President and Seán Corrigan New CEO

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