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She Leads, We Lead Fingal Women bringing Change

Through our Eyes, the Power of Women’s Leadership in Community Action – a leadership photograph Exhibition

Fingal She Leads, an initiative of Fingal County Council, as part of International Women’s Day (IWD) 2023 is celebrating women’s leadership in a visual way, through a photography exhibition. The exhibition features portraits of women from Fingal who are leading in Community Action. Accompanying stories showcasing their leadership achievements. This exhibition on display in Fingal County Council County Hall serves as a powerful inspiration for women and encourages others to become active in their communities.

Fingal She Leads, We Lead Women's Leadership Programme

Fingal She Leads, We Lead is an initiative of Fingal County Council. This programme focuses on strengthening Women's Leadership in Fingal and particularly explores the achievements, challenges and opportunities that women experience in community action, The programme commenced in March 2021 with A Conversation on Women's Leadership in the Community, a series of online conversations with women active in leadership in Fingal, In November 2021, Fingal She Leads, We Lead organised a nine week Women's Leadership induction in Blanchardstown. This training was led by local women leaders in Fingal and introduced participants to leadership skills and resources. The programme supported women in their early development of leadership activities. A one- day Community Leadership Women's Programme was subsequently held in Balbriggan in June 2022, focusing on an introduction to leadership including types of leaders, communications skills, supporting volunteers and the challenges of working with teams. Finally in November 2022, Fingal She Leads, We Lead was joined by Dr Lucy Michael and Awaken Hub co-founder Mary Carty in Swords to talk about women's leadership, the importance of networking and influencing decision-makers.

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Monic Manzzi, Volunteer Photographer

Monica Manzzi is a Uruguayan photographer living in Ireland for almost 20 years. She is also a Spanish/ English interpreter, journalist and self-taught artist. Monica is an activist and has organised many events in her community including fundraising. cultural events and vigils. Her causes include activism against female genital mutilation and helping oncology patients in need. She organised the Spring in Balbriggan drawing competition and coordinated the Ireland Festival of Nations. She is co-author of Inspired Migrant Women in Ireland, Diverse Voice and Perceptions and has organised events within the Uruguayan community including Ireland From The Inside, an exhibition of photos of Ireland. Monica volunteers with. different organisations using art, photography and many other skills. She is a passionate altruist and active participant of the Fingal She Leads Women's Leadership Programme.

Women play an important role in community action through grassroots movements, organising community events, leading neighbourhood groups and raising awareness about specific issues or advocating for change. Research has shown that when women are involved in leadership, they bring a unique perspective and approach to problem-solving, which can lead to more effective solutions. As leaders in community action, women use their skills and expertise through serving on boards of non profits, mentoring and supporting community based initiatives.

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