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Stephenstown Road will bring 100's of new jobs to Balbriggan

A crucial piece of infrastructure for the town's economic future is was opened this week in the shape of the Stephenstown Link Road which will open up 53 acres of industrial land with the potential to generate up to 900 jobs.

Niall Keady, Lorraine Clifford-lee and Barry Andrews

According to the local authority, the lands at Stephenstown in the ownership of Fingal County Council extend to some 22.84 Hectares or 56.43 Acres.

Some 10.2 Hectares of those council owned lands are zoned GE or General Employment, in the Current County Development Plan with the remaining lands zoned as HT or High Technology.

Pictured at the opening Local Election Candidate Niall Keady, Senator Lorraine Clifford-Lee and EU Candidate Barry Andrews.

Photo Gallery by Monica Manzzi Barlocco

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