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Strange & weird sounds late at night in Balbriggan.

There have been many reports of strange noises in the air during the night in the past couple of weeks. Facebook groups are full of questions and many responses ponder it could be anything from aliens to whales.

One poster on facebook says

"last nite I cud hear a noise and it sounded like farm animals in distress and tonite I got 3 messages asking cud I hear the noise up around O dwyers area just wondering am I finally gone MAD or is there something happening to distress the animals ." Moroney Elpablo

Another post reads: "Might sound mad , does anyone hear strange sounds in Balrothery

Well the mystery has been solved. Motorway maintenance has been working with heavey machinery and huge circular saws to prune and clear the verges and meridian.

A reader has sent us this footage.

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