The coding kids of Balbriggan impress Judges at Coolest Projects

For the past few years I have been involved with CoderDojo, a community project that has coding clubs through out Ireland and all over the world run and organised by volunteers.. Balbriggan CoderDojo was set up over 2 years ago by Eoin O'Neil in association with Balbriggan Chamber of Commerce. CoderDojo encourages kids to learn about coding and programming. Anyone aged seven to seventeen can visit Balbriggan CoderDojo where they can learn to code, build a website, create an app or a game, and explore technology in an informal, creative, and social environment. With great long term benefits to our community encouraging kids to create and build contents and not just simply be consuming it. Making screen time social in the real world and allowing kids to collaborate, share and showcase their work.

Balbriggan CoderDojo was well represented at this years Coolest Projects Exhibition at

the RDS, Dublin. Several coding Ninjas from Balbriggan CoderDojo attended the event.

Coolest Projects is an annual event where kids from all over Ireland involved with their local CoderDojo can showcase their projects. For more than 3 years now Balbriggan CoderDojo has had excellent representation at the event.

Logan who has been with Balbriggan CoderDojo since the beginning presented his project to the Judges. His project entitled Video Game Race is essentially a race involving many well known computer game characters involved in a race. Logan built the game platform using a computer programme called Scratch which allows him do all the coding required for the game.

The Judges were really impressed with Logans efforts and spent a long time listening to his presentation. This is a great part of Coolest Projects that all the kids are given the time to explain their project and methods.

At this weeks Balbriggan CoderDojo Logan was recognised for his efforts in representing their club.

Begin part of Balbriggan CoderDojo has been a great experience for all the members, every 2 weeks 25 children come to Castlelands Community Centre for 2 hours of coding, building apps, games and creating content.

Balbriggan CoderDojo has expanded now with new volunteers and mentors, they can

offer kids free CoderDojo sessions an essential philosophy of CoderDojo is that it is free for kids to access.

CoderDojo Balbriggan will have their next Dojo on June 23rd 2pm in Castlelands Community Centre. To make sure you are notified and registered visit their website at and subscribe to updates. There are many more places now available and for the next session only it will have a Walk Ins Welcome open session where anybody can come along and see what its all about.