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The future has arrived in Balbriggan.

Manna are making 3-minute air delivery a reality, whether you want food, medicine or anything you need in your local community.

Using custom-developed aerospace grade drones, they deliver directly from restaurants and centralised kitchens to consumer's homes. Flying at an altitude of 80 metres and a speed of over 80kph - delivering within a 2km radius in less than 3 minutes.​

Manna will launch a trial in Balbriggan soon, Manna hope to get local businesses involved and offering goods, the company have a stated aim to hire local people and use local services. Manna also want to engage with the local community and local schools through site visits, skills programmes and partnerships, the attached slide deck outlines some of the potential benefits and partnerships.

Michael Cunningham, Head of Commercial, Manna Drone Delivery will be a keynote speaker at the ‘Citizen Engagement, Smart Balbriggan Hackathon’ taking place on October 16th.

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