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Tis Good To Be Back

The first thing I’ll give is a piece of advice, don’t go to A&E on a Monday if you can avoid it. Every doctor on a Monday sees their patients after the weekend and if they have any doubt they send them to A&E and Beaumont can’t cope with such a spike. This is what a porter in Beaumont told me, after I spent 12 hours in the waiting room on a chair then another 8 hours in the A&E. Anyway, all sorted now and I have to say the staff are an amazing bunch of dedicated, professional and extremely friendly people working under extremely challenging conditions. Today we bring you a great photo courtesy of PJ Cullen. I remember PJ showing me this photo and I think he said his mother is in it but I’ve no idea what number she is. Can you help us identify everyone. Enjoy, more tomorrow.

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