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WAR Fitness Balbriggan!

What is the definition of WAR Fitness? Or just plain and simple "What is WAR Fitness?"

WAR Fitness is an exhilarating high tempo, full body workout. WAR Fitness is a mixture of different exercises. It is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) low impact class with squats, leg work and floor work thrown in the mix. We learn how to kick safely, punch safely, and perfecting our hooks and uppercuts like the pros. All this to Chart Topping, fast paced music. And proven results. Its not easy but what fitness workout is........

I took up WAR over a year ago with a PT, Karen Brown Keane, after I had my second

WAR Fitness Michelle

child. I attended her classes twice a week and after 14 weeks of good eating and working hard, results showed and I was hooked. Gradually I got more and more involved with the class with the guidance and support of Karen until eventually I qualified myself as an Instructor/PT, the reins were then emotionally handed over to myself from Karen and today WAR is now known as WAR Fitness Balbriggan..... From attending the classes to Instructing them, anything is possible.

From then I have had the same ladies from when they started with Karen, stay with me and continue taking the class, along with them we have our new ladies that joined us since moving from Balbriggan Combined Clubs to Flemington Community Centre.

The class is all ladies, which I call my Warriors, as we are fighting for the same goals, to be fit, to be healthy and to be fierce. Classes are also child friendly, I do have some mini Warriors which I love seeing taking part in some of the class.

WAR Fitness Group

I have been told my class builds confidence, as well as loosing weight and inches. It unleashes the inner warrior within the women that attend, it builds friendships, I have seen a lot of friendships blossom from the class and also with myself and the Warriors. It builds a group of ladies that are on the same journey no matter of their size or fitness levels, we all want the same thing. I still have my personal goals to reach.

From all of this, I felt that I have been very lucky and decided too introduce a monthly charity class that the Warriors would help organise with me. Each Warrior has given me a charity that means something to them, so every month will be a different charity randomly chosen.

This month my Warrior, Cathy's charity was chosen, Irish Motor Neuron Disease. We have been selling raffle tickets ( still in sale on the day) for some fantastic spot prizes that have been put forward from Local Businesses and also the Warriors themselves.

On the day, Saturday 10th June 2017 @ 10:30am, Flemington Community centre, we will have a WAR class with some fun bits thrown in, we will then have our raffle and also some Tea/coffee and little treats at the end of class. Kids will be welcomed as always. Its all for a good cause like every month will be, this is just the start.

Classes take place Monday and Thursday @ 7pm and Saturday 10am Flemington community centre. We always have room for beginners

As I say "Don't be afraid, be fierce"

Yours in WAR fitness Michelle.

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