We all have the names, Balbriggan National School 1946.

In March 2017 we published a group photo taken at Balbriggan National School in 1946 See original post HERE

We received an email today from Brian Reilly:

"I occasionally visit and enjoy looking at the old photographs. Imagine my delight when I found one with my mum in it!"

"When I showed it to my mum and asked if she remembered any of the girls' names, she sat there and rattled them off some 71 years after the picture was taken."

"My mum is Vera Murray on the lower left. She's Vera Reilly now and has lived in Brantford, Ontario, Canada since 1957. We still have many relatives in Balbriggan including Ollie and Paddy Murray. My wife and I are due for a visit and hope to get back there again before too long."

Brian also found this one on He says "She didn't get as many names this time but still got a few."