What do you want included at Bremore Regional Park?

Greenways, Seaside amenities, Water Park, Water Sports. Even if like me you cannot make this evenings public consultation you can still have your say see below for details on how you can email your ideas. Please do take the time to make a submission.

Fifteen years ago Kathleen Hammonds letter struck a chord with Balbriggan people she talked about how other towns in the Fingal area have been developed whereas Balbriggan has seen little development other than loads of housing with no facilities. We now have a chance to have a say in how a huge part of Balbriggan will be developed for the benefit of us all.

During the summer I wrote a blog "10 Things I want to see done on Balbriggans Coastline, Beaches & Harbour area" This document will now help inform my own submission as well as some extra projects I would like to see happen at Bremore Park, like a new Scout Den for 89th Bremore Scouts

I would also like to see Bremore Castle more available for public events and used for the community for meetings etc.

I also believe that with Bremore Castle complete the area has a real opportunity to become a major tourist attraction. We could build a world class tourist attraction, with lots of public transport particularly the train Balbriggan is uniquely placed to become a family recreational tourest attraction.

A great attraction would be a themed indoor waterpark associated with some coastal amenity like the a tidal pool on the seafront.

Bremore Water Park

If you think this is a good idea, or you have any of your own take a few minutes and email using the subject: RE – Bremore Regional Park Masterplan.

Use all or any part of my own submission below, comment on facebook that you have done so to encourage others to get involved.

Fingal County Council Call for your views

Fingal County Council’s Parks and Green Infrastructure Division are developing a Masterplan to guide the future development of Bremore Regional Park and we want your views.

Located north of Balbriggan along the coast, the Park is comprised of 41 hectares. The Park includes important historic sites, (most notably Bremore Castle) and landscapes, while providing significant public amenities. A key feature of the Park masterplan will be the consideration of the Visual, Historic and Ecological attributes of the site. The Park Development Plan will include proposals formulated to achieve the best fit between the unique characteristics of the site and provision of active recreation and strong linkages to Bremore Castle and surrounding residential areas.

Speaking about the Masterplan Interim Chief Executive AnnMarie Farrelly said “Bremore Castle and Regional Park form a vital element of the Our Balbriggan Rejuvenation Plan. Fingal County Council is committed to harnessing the potential of this unique site to develop a premier regional park both as a tourist destination and a vibrant recreation area for the people of Balbriggan”.

Public engagement is key and the project team are hosting a consultation workshop so that the local community can share their ideas and views on the park design and development. The workshop is taking place in the Bracken Court Hotel on Tuesday the 30th of July from 6.30pm to 8pm and if you wish to attend, please register via email to using the subject: RE – Bremore Regional Park Masterplan. If you are unable to attend you can share your ideas or comments with us by emailing again using the subject: RE – Bremore Regional Park Masterplan.

Please see Consultation information flyer for full details on how to get involved.

If you think any of the below is a good idea, or you have any of your own take a few minutes and email using the subject: RE – Bremore Regional Park Masterplan.

Use all or any part of my own submission below, comment on facebook that you have done so to encourage others to get involved.

Submission of Ideas by Niall Keady on Bremore Regional Park Master Plan

Water Park

A major world class tourist attraction, this area has huge potential for a Water Park that can be built on land and on the coastal area. This would bring huge visitor numbers to Balbriggan. Boosting the local economy with jobs and other spin off employment encouraging retail business to the main street.

Scout Den

89th Bremore Scouts need a permanent facility to use as a base and to store equipment. Their needs should be considered as part of the master plan.

Black Rock Pier, Diving Board Replaced

The Diving Board as it was locally known was a great favourite for balbriggan people but was controversially removed by the Council in 1997. I want to see this pier reinstated, two similar swimming areas were redesigned and fitted out to be safer for users in Skerries and this must happen in Balbriggan too.

Boat House & Martello Tower Rejuvenated

These building brought back to their former glory. Cafe, Maritime Museum or something useful. Controversial plans to build a large nursing home near hear could be eased if money from levies were ringfenced to aid a project to rejuvenate these fine buildings.

Railway Station Walls Beachside, decorated or suitably enhanced. Grass Banks Landscaped

The walls along the railway station are all bits and pieces and no uniformity and would be greatly enhanced if even painted or cladding used to enhance them. Or a wall art feature would be a lovely way to enhance the area.

The banks below the railway are forever overgrown and every year

the failure to agree whose responsibility to maintain the steep grass bank between the railway line and the beach in Balbriggan, and prone to rodent infestation. An ongoing "whose turn is it" although the land is owned by Iarnród Eireann, Fingal County Council sometimes maintain it.

This whole area needs to be landscaped and the banks issue needs to be resolved permanently. I have suggested suggesting Marram grass (the tall grass from sand dunes) could be used on the banks as an alternative and native species that would need low maintenance. A project on Wexford beaches where this species was transplanted to landscape the area. I believe also this plant has helped in Skerries again being managed to prevent sand blowing off the beach and onto the road and paths. See could-marram-grass-help-transform-balbriggan-beach-banks

Transform underneath the viaduct with ambient lighting and Pedestrian Lighting on walkways

The Viaduct at the Harbour is a splendid piece of architecture and can look wonderful in the summer sunshine. However on dark winter nights can be a poor experience for commuters coming home in the evening from school and work. The pathways would be greatly enhanced if they were properly lit up. Wouldn't the viaduct also benefit from some ambient lighting underneath the great arches?

Old Boats and Wrecks Removed From Harbour

a major clean up of the harbour has not been done for 10 years . This needs to be done again and unsightly wrecks need to be removed. The harbour dredged walls and paths fixed up and roads resurfaced.