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Who was Jack Straw? An informer, Sympathiser or Spy? Should he be remembered?

So I went out today to meet Peter Rooney from Oldtown as a plaque was erected to mark the spot where “Jack Straw” was found.

When I got there a bit of a disagreement had kicked off with local man Tom O’Hara not too pleased about the installation.

Peter Rooney, Oldtown and Tom O'Hara at Bettyville, Hollywood


The first online screening of a short film “The Shadow of Jack Straw” is happening this weekend (27th - 29th Jan) on the 15th Underground Cinema Awards and you’ve been invited to an exclusive look! Please join, share and encourage others to join and view our latest film if you can, we’d really appreciate it. (Instructions below)

An exclusive look at the Teaser Trailer:

“Drawing from true events, this short film delves into a psychological, disorienting tale of revenge following the Sack of Balbriggan, Ireland. An enigmatic World War I veteran with a damaged soul stands at the crossroads of justice, leaving the blurred line between perpetrator and pawn hauntingly poignant. This is the sole epitaph of Jack Straw.”

This short film serves as the first accompanying piece to our forthcoming feature film, Dark Autumn.

We hope you join us in watching this first online screening together. Thank you very much and we hope you enjoy.

Instructions to join and watch:

You need to sign up first so you can watch the screening, here’s a link to the website:

Click “Log In” in the top right corner to Sign Up.

Once signed up, go to the Screening Room tab at the top of the page. (Press the Three-lined Button below “Log In” on mobile to find the Screening Room)

If you can, please click the heart button for The Shadow of Jack Straw on this January Line Up page.

Come back to on the 27th of Jan to watch.

This is a FOIRA Production

Fingal Old IRA Commemorative Society 1916-1921

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