Will you volunteer to help with Fingal International Festival of Voices

This afternoon Balbriggan News caught up with Michael Dawson and Sarah May-Rogers who are involved with the organisation of the inaugural Fingal International Festival of Voices

A huge project and a really big deal for Balbriggan, with over 60 acts from all over the world including Choirs, Barbershop Choruses, Quartets and Small Ensembles plus their families, fans, spectators and of course you. This is a massive opportunity for all of us to showcase all Balbriggan has to offer to the world.

You can get involved, we need 100's of helpers and volunteers, traffic management, chaperones for acts, help with publicity etc.

Please Balbriggan come down on Saturday evening and lend a hand by taking on even a small task.

Check out this video we made today to try and illustrate just what an epic event this will be.

All the details are down below.

Watch Video

Click HERE Volunteers Meeting location