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Would you be affected if 33 Bus was scrapped?

New proposals would see most 33 bus services removed and no direct Dublin Bus services to Dublin City Centre. The 33 bus services provide a vital archery route along the north east of Fingal. The proposals rely on a proposed strategy to encourage commuters onto an already over burdened rail service.

The meeting next week in Malahide is the first in a series of meetings for the people of Fingal to raise their concerns about proposed changes to bus routes and call for submissions on new NTA Bus proposals.

Meetings for Balbriggan and Skerries will soon follow and people need to familiarise themselves with the proposed changes. The full details of the proposals can be viewed on

These initial plans seem to be based on a policy to push commuters to use trains. For buses to take passengers to a hub in Swords where they would need to change to another bus. Pushing commuters onto already overcrowded trains is not in any way a good policy. Balbriggan commuters need to pay attention to this and make submissions and ensure that any new services or policy enhances and improves the existing service.

Statement from Darragh O’Brien TD :

“This is an opportunity for the people of Fingal to air their concerns about proposed changes to bus routes,” said local Fianna Fáil TD, Darragh O’Brien as he invited local residents to his public meeting on Bus Connects which takes place on Monday, 23rd July at 8pm in Seabury Parish Centre, Malahide.

“There has been much debate and discussion about the recent proposals to change and augment the Dublin Bus network, especially in the North County.

“This is the first in a series of meetings I, and the local Fianna Fáil organisation, will be hosting across North County Dublin. It’s imperative that people have their say.

“Both myself and Cllr. Eoghan O’Brien believe that we need to allow local people have their say on these proposed changes, and that’s why it’s essential that as many people as possible turn up on the night.

“On the night, we will go through the proposed changes, give our thoughts and opinions on the changes, and give space for local residents to give us their thoughts.

“In addition, we will be providing information and guidance to residents who wish to make formal submissions to the Bus Connects consultation. Submissions can be made by email to: Feedback from all our public meetings will be incorporated into our own submission.

“Bus services in Dublin need improving; there is no point shying away from that fact, but they must be changed in consultation with the people directly affected – the commuters.

“Dublin Bus is an integral part of life in North Dublin. Whether you are going to work, school, the local shops or to the hospital, we rely on a quality bus network to keep us moving.

“We’re looking for a big crowd on the night to ensure that we, as your local public representatives, have the best picture of what the local community want and need from their bus service,” concluded O’Brien.

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