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Get Involved

Bringing you all the latest news, information and events from your town in North Fingal. You can get involved by sending news and stories to The Raven for us to publish on our many channels & platforms.

Ways to Give News

Filming a Video
Cuople using cellphone
Woman working on laptop


Upload your video of yourself or others telling the latest news

Image by Alexander Shatov


Send in a voice clip with your story

Image by Alexander Shatov


Guest Blog Send us a written blog

Include some images 

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Community Initiatives

We want real community engagement, we want people to be safe from trolls and online abuse. We will not tolerate any bad behaviour and our rules will be enforced all the time. We will encourage debate and engagement on the issues only from verified members.


Members can join the discussion via our News Blog. You are also encouraged to comment on our Social Media Channels  

Shopping & Pick-up and Delivery

We will stock and sell local gift items in our online store. An online platform for local creators & crafters to sell their wares. We will bring you exclusive offers and deals from our business sponsors & partners. Small ads and online yard sales.

Business Sponsors & Partners

We build relations with local business and service providers to offer our community the best of service and value through offers, sales and other new initiatives to drive shop local both online and instore. 

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